A SET OF 2 Identical Noir de Mazy black Marble full circulation Fireplace

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a beautiful set of two antique black marble fireplaces. The fireplaces are in beautiful condition. The fireplaces are richly decorated with iron attachments. These give the fireplaces a powerful appearance. The detailing and quality of the fireplaces are really beautiful. These fireplaces come from a large canal house in the Netherlands, where they decorated the front and backrooms.

With of the top: 142×33 cm
Height: 109 cm
Depth side panels: 50 cm
Fire opening Height: 76 cm
Fire Opening Width: 74 cm
Mantel: 103×26 cm

Additional information

Afmetingen (cm)

Boezem: 103 (b) x 26 (d)
Stookgat: 76 (h) x 74 (b)
Bovenblad: 142 (b) x 33 (d)
Hoogte: 109
Diepte 50


19e eeuw


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