White Marble Antique Circular Fireplace

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A beautiful Antique white marble orbital fireplace executed in Carrara marble. This fireplace is richly detailed. The front and frame pieces are profiled as is the top. This is a wrap-around fireplace that comes with return pieces that allow this fireplace to be placed back around an existing mantle.



The antique fireplaces on my website have been fully restored and are available from stock. Transport and installation is made easier because the chimneys are already pre-assembled.

Antique fireplaces are cleaned and re-waxed in marble, this ensures that the fireplace regains its original deep luster. This maintenance-free marble wax also provides the fireplace with a dirt and water-repellent layer.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Renzo van Engelen



Additional information

Dimensions (cm)

Height: 121 cm
Fire hole: 93 (h) x 92 (w)
Top shelf: 151 (w) x 39.5 (d)
Bust: 114 x 19 cm

Year built

19th century