Luxury Antique French Front Shell Fireplace With Cast Iron Inset Fireplace

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A beautiful French antique shell fireplace executed in white Carrara Marner. This luxurious antique fireplace comes complete with a beautiful cast iron fireplace insert which was made especially for the fireplace. The mantel itself is particularly beautifully made, the sharpness of der details, of the flowers in the front, among others, is wonderful. The side plates are profiled which gives the fireplace additional luxury. The crook blade is richly profiled and as an added detail has a profile crook also the blade. The consoles stand at 45 degrees and are beautifully richly decorated. The fireplace is from Paris and has a beautiful deep gloss.


The antique fireplaces on my website have been fully restored and are available from stock. The antique fireplaces are cleaned and remade in marble wax, this ensures that the fireplace gets back its original deep shine. This maintenance-free marble wax provides the fireplace of a dirt and water repellent layer.

If you have any questions, I would be happy to speak to you.

Renzo van Engelen






Additional information

Dimensions (cm)

Height: 104 cm
Fire hole: 85 (h) x 120 (w)
Top surface: 165 x 40 cm

Year built

19th century