Beautiful Luxury French Antique Front Fireplace Carrara Marmer

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Beautiful Luxury French Antique Front Fireplace Carrara Marble.
A beautiful French fireplace from Paris. This fireplace has a beautiful slim silhouette which, in combination with the profile, gives it a very elegant appearance. Both the front and the legs are beautifully detailed. Characteristic of the French fireplaces are the fine details carved out of the marble. These details have been incorporated over the entire fireplace. Special about this fireplace are the side plates that are also provided with a profiling, which makes this fireplace extra luxurious.
This fireplace comes with a floor plate made of the same Carrara marble.

Additional information

Afmetingen (cm)

Hoogte: 112 cm
Stookgat: 86 (h) x 112 (b)
Bovenblad: 156 x 41 cm
Vloerplaat: 160x 60 cm


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