Black Marble Antique Shell Circular Fireplace 45 Degrees

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This beautiful antique black marble fireplace is a masterpiece of timeless elegance and modern luxury. With its rich history and sophisticated design, it adds a touch of class to any living space.

The antique black marble gives the fireplace an undeniable charm. The legs of the fireplace are placed at a 45-degree angle. The combination of antique black marble and angled legs makes a powerful visual statement. It is a piece that will attract attention and add a sense of grandeur to your living space.

This versatile design is a wrap-around fireplace, making it suitable for both fireplaces and wood-burning stoves. This makes it ideal for different rooms in your home, where you want to enjoy the warmth and aesthetics of an open fire. The marble has been carefully polished to create a beautiful sheen. The surface reflects light in an elegant way, making the fireplace stand out even more and adding a touch of luxury to the room.

This antique black marble fireplace is not only a functional element to frame your fireplace or wood stove, but also a true work of art in itself. It is a symbol of sophistication and good taste, transforming your living space. It is an investment in timeless class that will last for generations.





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