Exclusive Antique Louis XVI Fireplace in Portoro Marble (circulation)

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Very Exclusive circulation fireplace executed in Portoro marble. This unique fireplace exudes luxury and grandeur. Not only the overwhelming luxury stone type but also the beautifully made profile of this antique fireplace are very special. The beautiful front is decorated with a large shell and extra luxurious profiles. The rich gold veining of this exclusion marble makes this an absolute showpiece. Exclusive golden marble type; Portoro marble, also known as black and gold marble, is a fine variety of Italian marble from the charming Gulf of Poets, in the Ligurian province of La Spezia. It is one of the most beautiful among the polychromatic marble types. This precious Italian stone has an intense and bright black color with golden veins that range from intense yellow to honey color. The appearance makes it a unique marble. There is no stone comparable, in luxurious sophistication or characteristic, to this black and gold beauty. Portoro is a natural work of art.

The geological composition of Portoro is calcareous with a microcrystalline structure. Marine substances are responsible for the dark color and also for the golden veins, which are a product of the oxidizing organic marine materials. The microcrystalline structure contributes to the specialness of the Portoro and also makes the stone more compact. The deep and intense black color of this marble gives the appearance of an almost velvety texture, which is especially noticeable when the slabs are polished. These polished plates look as if gold has been poured directly onto the stone. The veins, stripes, spots and shadows of this black-gold marble are the result of pyrite and ochre limonite substances.



Additional information

Afmetingen (cm)

Height: 107
Bust: 103 (w) x 28 (d)
Fire hole: 80 (h) x 84 (w)
Top: 141 (w) x 32 (d)



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