Art Nouveau Black Marble Etched Circulation fireplace

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A sleek Art Nouveau fireplace in black gold, Noir de Mazy Marble. This beautiful sleek  Antique fireplace is an enrichment of both a classic and modern interior. The decor is decorated with etching and milling. The frame has round corners, which gives the fireplace an elegant look.

Mantel: 100 (b) x 10 (d) cm
Fireopening : 83 (h) x 84 (b) cm
Top: 138 (b) x 36 (d) cm
Height: 107 (h) cm
Depth: 38 cm


Additional information

Afmetingen (cm)

Boezem: 100 (b) x 10 (d)
Stookgat: 83 (h) x 84 (b)
Bovenblad: 138 (b) x 36 (d)
Hoogte: 107 (h)
Diepte: 38