My days consist of driving thousands of kilometers through the Benelux and France. Always on the way to the most beautiful places in search of authentic fireplaces. The crème de la crème. I get energy from selecting and restoring antique fireplaces for all my clients.

My travels go from monumental government buildings in Brussels to old mansions in Paris back to the humble, yet imposing Statenkwartier in The Hague. Where there is historically significant architecture I find my greatest treasures. I find the pearls among the fireplaces during my visits to the most diverse objects and auctions. Thanks to my close relationship with Monuments and the trust they place in me, I have the opportunity to add the most beautiful fireplaces to my collection in many historical, artistic, scientific, industrial-archaeological and other socio-cultural buildings.

The collection on my website consists of stylish, authentic, sustainable products with historical value. This allows me to offer my customers a unique addition to their interior and lifestyle. My search for perfect fireplaces for you never ends.

My website contains a selection of fireplaces I have purchased, each with a beautiful history that will take your interior to a higher level. This is my special way of preserving the noble bourgeois of the past for the future. I hope that you will appreciate the collection of fireplaces that have been specially selected for you on this website.

Renzo van Engelen