Black Marble Fireplaces

Renzo van Engelen has a wide range of black marble fireplaces. The collection on the website consists of stylish, authentic, sustainable white, beige and black marble fireplaces with historical value. The dark color, also called Noir de Mazy, is an extremely pure limestone that has a deep black color when freshly fractured. It is rarely carved as it is the marble finish that shows the depth of the black color and the exceptional quality.


Antieke Schouw zwart marmer

Antieke Zwarte Omloop Schouw Empire


Antique fireplace black marble

Black Marble Antique Fireplace Front Noir De Mazy Marble


Antieke bollection schouw

Antique Noir De Mazy Bollection Front Fireplace


Antieke Schouw Neoclassicistisch zwart

Beautiful Neoclassical Noir De Mazy Black Marble Antique Front Fireplace


Antieke Ets Schouw

Art Nouveau Antieke Ets Schouw in Noir de Mazy Marmer


Zwart Marmer Antieke Schouw

Zwart Marmer Antieke Omloop Schouw (ook als set beschikbaar)