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Every career has highlights. And this fireplace is one of them. In 20 active years in the fireplaces and mantelpieces restoration, this is a story worth telling. My love for Noir de Mazy has led to this story. Some people have real treasures, it turns out.

During a visit to a customer, we started talking about different fireplaces and especially my love for black marble. He “still had something” in the basement of the house. His basement turned out to be the “El Dorado” of the mantelpieces.

In his cellar we found three enormous, richly decorated fireplaces made entirely of the black gold Noir de Mazy marble. The fireplaces are notable for their impressive size, the quality of the marble and the overall craftsmanship used in these fireplaces.

The fireplaces were removed and stored from a former government building in Brussels sometime in the early 1990s with the necessary care and a lot of love.

Each of these fireplaces consists of no less than 50 separate parts. Time, moisture and dust had played a role on the jumbled parts during these 30 years.

After approximately 150 beautiful, but heavy hours of restoration per fireplace, this is the celebrated end result. A masterpiece with a superlative degree.

This is one of the series of three fireplaces with comparable dimensions and design.

Dating from the end of the 19th century, made of high quality Noir de Mazy marble in combination with Rouge Griotte marble. This is a fireplace in the typical neoclassical style where excess certainly does not harm.

Beautiful massive legs that taper upwards so that the fireplace gets an even more impressive appearance. Above it you will find beautifully carved capitals and an astragal that separates the different parts.

The centerpiece contains a medallion made with traditional craftsmanship and ensures a perfect balance in this mantelpiece.

As a pièce de résistance, the mantelpiece has a 4-layer marble top with a width of no less than 183 cm wide with a perfect, deep black gloss.

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Afmetingen (cm)

Bust: 130 (h) x 127 (w) x 31 (d)
Fire hole: 91 (h) x 110 (w)
Top: 183 (w) x 40 (d)




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