Very Rare Exceptional Statuary Clear White Marble Antique Fireplace Surround

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This exceptional Statuary Marble fireplace is an absolute gem.
This Statuary is an Italian marble type. This particular piece of marble is totally without veins.
The same marble used to craft Marble statues.
due to the hardness of this type of marble, the lines, and the milling are perfectly aligned and there are almost no imperfections to be seen.
The deep shine of the marble has been very preserved for its age.
The fireplace is richly decorated. The consoles are decorated with flower patterns and lilies.
The front is far inward from the consoles and the center is decorated by a centerpiece with flowers. The top made up of several layers follows the lines of the consoles at the corners.
This is a masterpiece in our collection and deserves a place where it is given the space to let its splendor shine.


Additional information

Afmetingen (cm)

Height: 106
Bust: 100 (w) x 30 (d)
Fire hole: 80 (h) x 102 (w)
Top: 150 (w) x 30 (d)