Special French Antique Carrara Marble Front Fireplace

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A special French antique fireplace made of Carrara Marble. This special fireplace is unique because of its shape. The front and consoles of this fireplace are twisted, which gives the fireplace a wavy effect. The shell held out from the front also moves to one side, normally it is centered out in the middle. The slim lines in combination with the special shape give this fireplace a unique luxurious look.

* The antique fireplaces on my website have been fully restored and are available from stock. Transport and installation is made easier because the chimneys are already pre-assembled.

Additional information

Afmetingen (cm)

Hoogte: 108 cm
Stookgat: 86 (h) x 106 (b)
Bovenblad: 138 x 25 cm


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